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Mobile Marketing Explained

Mobile phones have become the communication bedrock of the current generation.

There are 6.5 billion mobile phones in circulation worldwide. Yes that means many people have more than one! The other fact is that Text (SMS)  is the preferred method of use, with a text (SMS)rate of around 97%, compared to email open rate of around 23%.

Mobile marketing offers businesses the ability to capture client contact information, and deliver laser targeted promotion with a phenominally high 97% delivery and view rate.

Examples of use:

1. Group texting staff and existing customers of a special offer, change of policy etc.

2. Gaining new customers, by offering a special deal /discount /or other incentive
 by sending a text code to a specific number...
(Example: Text PEAK to 0405 15 15 15 to receive your FREE guide)

The senders phone number is automatically recorded in a database, and an automatic reply/ text voucher is sent back to them. This database grows quickly, then you can send text promotions at will.

 A restaurant might send this at 4pm:

Hungry? Pizza and pasta just $12.95 tonight washing up! Bookings essential:
Ph: 3333 5555 Show us this message to qualify.

A Retail shop might send this at 9am,
One Day Sale: All ????? 20% off today only, open till 9pm. Show us this message to qualify.

Note: That by including the words "show us this message", you can PRECISELY measure the effectiveness of the txt shot (simply instruct staff to record the number of vouchers shown and sales amount).

Mobile marketing is precise, targeted and measurable...PERFECT
Use your existing database or start building a database with a promotion.

Peak Marketing Solutions offer complete mobile marketing service from $299
including code, number, database and text shot up to 300 clients.
Please inquire for larger databases.

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