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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the art of designing a website in such a way that the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and the hundreds of others place your website on or near the first page for a given search term.

Every day MILLIONS of people search for untold number of things on the internet. We can discover what people are looking for, and how many people are searching for your products or services in any given month.

When a search is done, the user types in a word or phrase. This word or phrase is known as a keyword. The search engine then scans every indexed website to determine which website is most relevant to that keyword. The most relevant sites are returned on the first page of the results, with relevance decreasing in every subsequent page.

The accuracy of these results is what has made GOOGLE number 1.

Ok they are not perfect either, but they are the best so far. The vast majority of internet users go to GOOGLE for their internet search requirements.

So its the search engines "ALGORITHM" that ranks the pages. These algorithms change regularly, and website owners compete to be on the first page.

Why is it competitive? Because search traffic can be converted into sales. Search traffic is also FREE...except that the SEO process costs either time or money.

SEO is an active process. It requires constant work. Definitely NOT set and forget!

That is why SEO services are often expensive. The cost depends on how competitive the keyword many other websites WANT to rank on page 1 for that keyword.

SEO is also not instantaneous. Ranks increase gradually. Expect a high organic ranking to take anything from weeks to years. Organic ranking is the term given to a rank based on SEO rather than Pay per click - sponsored rank.

We can offer SEO and PPC services that guarantee page 1 ranking.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : Most businesses rush in to get their website ranked high with SEO , often spending tens of thousands of dollars doing so. STOP!!
SEO is Keyword dependant!  FIRST you need to discover which keywords get you SALES and ORDERS then get the website SEO done for the PRODUCTIVE KEYWORDS ONLY.

Makes perfect sense once you've been made aware of it right. Remember who told you :-)
 We can provide a system to discover your most productive KEYWORDS.

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